Fiction Writer Recipe

I’ve been wondering lately If maybe I could just try my best To focus on something, you know More practical and more wide-reaching You know–Something like– Fiction writing! I’ve been wondering if maybe that is my proper calling I can’t help but find myself falling Into very familiar looking pit traps Set for people like […]

Control My Thoughts

I’m sorry I have to get something off my chest It’s been raining all day Every part of my body aches and moans The fluids in me are churning My humours blending Black, yellow Blood and phlegm My systems disordered, A suicide mix of them all I have to get something Off Of my chest […]

Clouds as Lover

I woke up this morning, and when I walked outside, I was shocked. The strangest thing happened. You see, I walked outside, and remained inside. How? My view is the same as it always is, day-to-day. Same blue grass, same trees. Same prized, enormous pile of dirt. My ears did not ring, the way outdoor […]