I am Not sure yet Why I like Taking acid. I think it’s because It makes me Unafraid to think Differently. The weird thing, About that Is that I always think Differently. I am, different And It’s actually quite Easy for me. I think for now I’ll just Take another tab And see If anything […]

Softball Bitches/Accepting My Fate

When I was In middle school I was super fucking good at Softball. No surprises. I’m like, pretty dang coordinated Ifm I do say so And crazy strong yehm. And also like, Very fast. Despite being Like, three people stacked into One. I was good at softball. In highschool, I focused on Band and tried […]


Lately I have been wondering If I might’ve been Anton Bruckner, before. You know, like Reincarnation and shit. Whatever version you subscribe to– I’m convinced that we are all Recycled souls– Otherwise why the fuck Would I have been So incredibly angry As a three-year-old?! Clearly I was working through My last life’s bullshit Fresh […]

Support Women!!!

Support women! Women can be leaders too! Sisterhood!! All these empowering messages Being shouted around me But never directly to me I’m not really a woman, you see I’m far too ugly I’m not conventionally “sexy”, Whatever that means to you I am the opposite. I’m not particularly bubbly, Talkative, intuitive or Good with kids. […]

Pussy-Eating Thoughts

I was going down on her Dreaming about peaches Sweet, soft, juicy lips Tang, citrus, vanilla So delicious I figure this is what it’s gotta be like To make out with an orchid So I pictured her with petals And made my tongue her colors I try a new technique I think she liked it, […]