Really Ugly Wedding Dress

Omfg Omg lol Omfglol She dug out Her mom’s Vintage wedding dress Which is Supposedly only 21 years old But looks like A 1890’s Lingerie With a (I’m serious) Mother fucking beret It’s only 21 years old But it has A BERET This is The ugliest dress I’ve ever seen In my life I woulda […]

Cutting People Out Of My Life

People are constantly telling me To cut negative people out And “trim the fat” So to speak I have literally Never had an issue With someone negative That wasn’t because of Their own bullshit I will say I have Endless problems With high and mighty Goody-two-shoe cunts Giving me advice unwarranted Babying me Patronizing me […]


I wish I could explain Why I can’t get past it I haven’t let Anyone in Close enough To do this much damage It hurts so bad I’m almost embarrassed I think I’m gonna have to just Scrap it I think it’s Totaled, or Might as well be

I Do This For Myself

Today is just Full of PSA’s Just thought I’d be clear here I do all this For myself Not like– Myself right now Silly!! Myself back then Back when I was lost I do this for The teenager Googling random shit Hoping to find somebody They relate to In a world That seems to represent […]


She loves it When I watch her Like a hawk I love the way She moves The way she Smells I love hunting her Like a little bunny Let me pet your tummy Honey