Since All you know Is what you think And you never asked Me anything I just let you sink Now we are Too far apart to Make amends Or be linked Yet I’m the one On my raft Somehow left Gasping

Deserves Better

I was watching This police report video About a developmentally disabled Black girl in chicago Who was brutally beaten Humiliated, lost for 5 days Sexually abused, and Eventually turned into her father Who took her to the hospital. People are unanimously chanting That this poor Developmentally disabled girl “Deserves better” I am confused As to […]

The Wrong Side of the Fence

All the traits Celebrated in men That I emulate Are extremely Off-putting When expressed By someone on The wrong side of the fence Being strong Being bold Being a leader Being ambitious Being proactive Being productive Being something at all These things are reserved for The dominant sex And I was born with a Uterus. […]

Testosterone Is Cheating

My strength is Returning. I don’t want to Jinx it I went to the gym Three days in a row Not a lot of recovery And didn’t even wince My body heals So much faster than it did The testosterone is Really something else Men have no idea How much advantage they have Built in […]

Speaking of Ass

Last night When I was hanging out with molly I ate my girlfriends pussy So passionately and elegantly She came more ferociously Than I’ve ever seen One massive ten minute Episode of pleasure Radiating from her Body through my skin into My brain ! ”Twas dope. I woke up today And my tongue’s little rope […]