More Than I Can Give

The more time I spend with her The more she accuses me Of not being there for her I’m not sure how to Care for someone who Always needs More than I can give


I thought I was Sadder, now I thought my heart Broke even more I thought I was going through Pain and remorse But now I realize Things are just Back to the way they were  

Well-Intentioned Idiot

Hi there! Hope you’re swell I promise I didn’t mean Whatever you’re worried I meant I’m just a well-intentioned idiot Right? Yes, I think so– That’s what I think I am.

Either Way

I wish I could tell you Exactly what I want to say Directly to your face But I already did And it didn’t seem to have any effect, Either way. ———————– I wish you could feel Exactly how I’ve felt For as long as I’ve felt it But I’m sure you do In a million […]

Who is Becky

Who am I? What am I doing? Should I introduce myself a little better, Now that I’m Still talking I’m Becky with the Good Hair, but I wasn’t always this dope and smarmy. ————————- I used to be a really straight-laced stuck up bitch That’s why I call myself a Becky I have super dope […]