Heartbreak and Anxiety

The thing is, before I had my heart broken–I was convinced of a melodramatic, romanticized version of what break ups are. You get real sad, you eat ice cream and you cry. Maybe the love was unrequited! Maybe she moved away. Maybe they just weren’t meant to be. That’s the gist. I was like, weirdly […]

Clouds as Lover

I woke up this morning, and when I walked outside, I was shocked. The strangest thing happened. You see, I walked outside, and remained inside. How? My view is the same as it always is, day-to-day. Same blue grass, same trees. Same prized, enormous pile of dirt. My ears did not ring, the way outdoor […]

Is it love…?

If you feel something, it’s love. If you can’t think of anything else, it’s love. If you crave her in your bones, all-consuming lust and obsession, it must be love. Or so I thought. I felt something for my ex, something very strong. She filled me with hope, she was my validation, she was mine. […]