Non-binary Is The New Butch

Nowadays Instead of being like “I wanna wear pants And fuck other ladies With my clit, Tongue, fingers– I’m up for other stuff– Anything For your pleasure” You just say “I’m non-binary, bitches” And hey More power to you I just kinda wish Butch wasn’t a dirty word And being “just a lesbian” was still […]

Porno Request

I need a porno Where a genderless Omnipotent blue essence Plays with their nipples And rubs their genitals While hovering over Semi-sentient beings Able to sense the Sexual energy But unable to see it What kind of Tag words Do I use to Find this?


She loves it When I watch her Like a hawk I love the way She moves The way she Smells I love hunting her Like a little bunny Let me pet your tummy Honey

Rubik’s Cube

I think The HRT Is working I have like Half of a mustache That I shaved off And then got sad So I stopped And have since been Stroking the remnants And jacking off Constantly As if I am Like Gonna explode Or something I think there is a bomb In my clit And I […]