100 WordPress Followers

I have 100 WordPress Followers now I know that Isn’t a lot, by Anyone’s standards But for me I’m like Oh god What’s gonna happen now? Are ya’ll gonna Look over my shoulder When I’m typing on the Potty? There’s hardly Enough room as it is Between the squatty-potty and My heaving, sweaty body This […]

American Pastime

Contempt is our national pastime, now Our new baseball The new apple pie You aren’t American unless you’re Ratting out your neighbor, Shitting on your kids, Bitching about work while Belittling someone else’s You aren’t American unless You’re posting a CrossFit selfie Between anti-abortion posts While swiping right on every fat girl from high school […]

My 20 Year Plan–FOOLPROOF

I am so delusional. I have convinced myself that being self-aware of my delusions makes them somehow less delusional. Hahah. My 20 year plan is in 5 years Become Patti Smith– 5 more years Become Patsy Cline— 5 more years Become Peggy Lee—– Final 5 years–Ninja Turtle Final 5? You have zero idea how long […]


Free –by Becky WTGH   I’m free now! It’s been so long, since I last thought about you. Right now, I’m choosing to. I’m not used to being able to choose. I’m choosing to, so that I can acknowledge my freedom! I thought it would never come, my freedom. I thought I would be doomed […]