I Do This For Myself

Today is just Full of PSA’s Just thought I’d be clear here I do all this For myself Not like– Myself right now Silly!! Myself back then Back when I was lost I do this for The teenager Googling random shit Hoping to find somebody They relate to In a world That seems to represent […]


She loves it When I watch her Like a hawk I love the way She moves The way she Smells I love hunting her Like a little bunny Let me pet your tummy Honey

The Butchest Butch

I am not sure yet If I truly identify as a man I’ve mostly been Acknowledging the Obviously masculine Characteristics that I have And instead of feeling Sick to my stomach– I just feel glad! And kinda horny I just kinda Loved being a lesbian? I don’t really wanna Not identify as that, ever. Ever. […]

Rubik’s Cube

I think The HRT Is working I have like Half of a mustache That I shaved off And then got sad So I stopped And have since been Stroking the remnants And jacking off Constantly As if I am Like Gonna explode Or something I think there is a bomb In my clit And I […]

Trans Empath

The worst thing About being an empath In the wrong gender In the wrong body In the wrong life Is that you Feel everything More than you should, anyway You can feel everyone Misunderstand Over and over and over again With their body language With their words With their gestures and their hands You can […]