Play It Down Six Octaves or Turn It Off

  Tuba is like an above-ground whale call Pure medicinal communication Hah. Yes. Exactly that.   I listened to “Will you still love me tomorrow” by the Shirelles and I played the melody until I started trying to be a bass player and then I fucked up from there.   Oh and here is a […]

Song Edition: What am I even doing…?

Once more, with feeling… So shoot me, mo’fo’s, I like playing bass guitar and writing sad poems. Am I a real-life Marceline? That’s for you to project, and you to project alone. I am living my truth, Marceline is fictional. I tried to eliminate every single bar line in the whole song, while also using […]

BITE Cover

Heard of Elephants still exists, Ya’ll! This cover is my baby right now, please be nice to her. I recorded all the tracks on multiple low brass instruments. It predominantly features tuba. There are also a lot of electronics that you will hear when you get there. Tuba is the way. FUN FACT Tuba can […]

Mad About It: Music Series

Hey everybody! In addition to random topics, we’re going to have a music series section in the show now. That’s right, we’re doing it. I’ve been talking about it for months now, but I mean it this time. I got the upgrades I needed, and now we’re going overdrive with all of this shit. What’s […]

Loner, Kali Uchis

Yooooooooo Sweet tunes in preparation for this Queer Music episode that is now a month in the making. Cannot overhype this one, ya’ll.     Accepting any and all recommendations for covers, especially covers for the queer music episode!!!   Heard of Elephants is the best, I love being able to play whatever I want […]