Non-binary Is The New Butch

Nowadays Instead of being like “I wanna wear pants And fuck other ladies With my clit, Tongue, fingers– I’m up for other stuff– Anything For your pleasure” You just say “I’m non-binary, bitches” And hey More power to you I just kinda wish Butch wasn’t a dirty word And being “just a lesbian” was still […]

I Wish I Could Delete You…

Yes, you Podcast episode you The one where I say All the wrong things In the wrong way And don’t mean any of it The ones I made In the beginning When I had no idea What this was Or what I was doing Fun fact–!! You can’t fucking delete Anything on the internet I […]

Am I Straight Now?

I kinda feel straight I know I’m Non-binary and shit but like I’m gonna eventually Look kinda macho and Act pretty surly People already think Somethings up and I’m buff for a chick as it is People are gonna think I’m straight soon I guess they don’t have to know About all the Manpussy action […]

Smug Cunt

What makes A cunt smug? I’ve been wondering I know that Cunts are inherently Not smug I’ve been inside them plenty They are quite Selfless, open Even welcoming How could a cunt Smugly do anything? It’s like Wet and flexible and Accommodating The opposite of smug If you ask me. Ohhhhhhhh right Women are supposed […]

Speaking of Ass

Last night When I was hanging out with molly I ate my girlfriends pussy So passionately and elegantly She came more ferociously Than I’ve ever seen One massive ten minute Episode of pleasure Radiating from her Body through my skin into My brain ! ”Twas dope. I woke up today And my tongue’s little rope […]