Star Clicker

I always read Take my time Delve deep into The fathoms of your mind But today I’m sorry, friend I’m not in My head, standing Upright, I am Down and upside Down, so I Quickly clicked All your stars And headed to bed For the night

WordPress Is For Heartbreak

Cut the crap y’all Every single one of you Is getting over something Some sort of breakup Some sort of life transition Some sort of heartbreaking something Stop pretending like you’re Doing fitness and suddenly very Inspired for self-improvement Because your life is Otherwise perfect and Nothing is bothering you CUT. THE. CRAP.đź’¨ Just go […]

A Like For A Follow And A Share For A Swallow

It’s clear that Many of the Citizens of WordPress (Sorry I’ve been watching Too much Batman lately) Only read Other people’s stuff To try and promote Their own shit Which– HEY!! It’s totally cool All is good, all is well I understand I just Personally Feel a little backed-in To a corner or something I […]

People of WordPress

Hands down The best thing about WordPress– The other poets. All the other writers All the other people who “Didn’t even know it” All y’all are awesome. I love reading, I love discovering I am inspired daily and often Not even necessarily by the content But by the sheer quantity The breadth of humanity’s plea […]